Customer Testimonial


A review from one of our many satisfied   customers!

“Telephone   and internet companies over time raise your prices through various fees and   taxes.  Pat Russell of the Advocacy Group audited our bills and found a   great deal of savings for future bills.  She also was able to get us a   large rebate which was significant and added a lot money to the bottom   line.  So when it came time to upgrade our phone and internet systems I   dreaded the process.  Telephone and Internet vendors make the process   very complicated.  They talk in a language that only IT people understand.    Furthermore they price their products in ways that if you don’t know what you   are doing add up quick.  Pat Russell helped guide us thorough the   process so that I understood what I was getting and helped pick the correct   vendor and products.  She also negotiated a lower price and better   terms.  Her knowledge is vast and up to date.  She is hard working,   very trustworthy, and a great value.  She and her company saved me two   to three times more than what she charges.  You will be very happy she   is on your team.”     Jeff   Webb – Owner & GM, Hampton Inn & Suites, Colonial Blvd. Fort Myers            

Success Stories

   A Southwest Florida bank with over a dozen locations retained the Advocacy Telecom Group to perform a telecom bill audit for all locations. The audit uncovered many billing errors and identified services that were no longer needed or being utilized. The changes made as a result of the audit included:·  Removed fraudulent third party services·  Moved lines under long distance plan and lowered rates·  Removed unused lines·  Removed unused remote call forwarding services·  Corrected and lowered PRI-ISDN surcharges·  Removed billing of local and LD services of another company from the long distance billThese actions resulted in over $23,000 in credits and refunds and a $3,100 reduction in monthly billing to the bank

   A medium-sized Southwest Florida car dealership engaged the Advocacy Telecom Group to conduct a telecom audit. The Advocacy Telecom Group was able to negotiate credits and refunds in excess of $17,000 and lowered their monthly billing in excess of $900. This was accomplished by:·  Uncovering mileage circuit charges that should have been removed years before.·  Identifying charges for services that should have been included in their contract for free.·  Finding incorrect mileage rates that had been lowered under state tariffs, years earlier.·  Negotiating a new long distance contract with substantially lower rates.·  Canceling lines and services that were unused.